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Effectively Communicating Municipal Financial Information

By Tim Duhamel

This webinar will focus on effective techniques and strategies for delivering financial information to municipal executives, council, and the public, with a special focus on modern messaging.

Read More February 21, 2024

Budget Direction, Priorities and Decision Making

By Tim Duhamel

Covers effective strategies and methodologies to solicit clear budget direction and priorities early in the budget process to streamline the budget process and improve decision making.

Read More March 13, 2024

Calculating Municipal Price Inflation (MPI)

By Tim Duhamel

This webinar will provide the municipal executive and finance professional an in depth understanding of municipal inflation, and how to calculate it specifically for a municipality.

Read More April 10, 2024

Facilitating Municipal Decisions as a Trusted Advisor

By Tim Duhamel

Facilitating the budget process can be extremely challenging. This webinar will focus on how to set the budget process up for successful decision making and improving facilitation skills.

Read More May 22, 2024

Analyzing the Cost of Growth – Fiscal Impact Modeling

By Tim Duhamel

Covers analytical methodologies to understand the cost of municipal growth. A special focus will be on the impacts on taxes and on development agreement negotiations with developers.

Read More June 12, 2024

Incremental Budgeting Analytics

By Tim Duhamel

Focuses on understanding the incremental changes that cause budget fluctuations from year to year. Growth, inflation, service changes and other cost effects will be covered in detail.

Read More July 17, 2024

Public Engagement Fundamentals

By Tim Duhamel

Focuses on effective public engagement and how to utilize engagement to improve the budget process, including effective budget surveys, satisfaction surveys, and open houses.

Read More September 11, 2024

Municipal Accounting 101

By Tim Duhamel

This webinar will focus on the basic accounting requirements for a municipality. This is an introduction for newer financial officers and a refresher for seasoned financial professionals.

Read More October 9, 2024

Reporting Excellence

By Tim Duhamel

This webinar will provide an in depth understanding of municipal reporting and will cover proven techniques and methodologies. A special focus will be on how to prepare effective quarterly and year end reports.

Read More November 6, 2024

Effective Audit Preparation

By Tim Duhamel

A clean audit is essential to maintain trust with both council and the public. This webinar will provide the financial professional with critical insights and tools to effectively prepare and facilitate a successful audit process.

Read More December 4, 2024

Top 5 Leadership Skills

By Tim Duhamel

This course will introduce and cover the top five attributes associated with effective leaders.


Read More November 15, 2023

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