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Finance Webinars Individual Webinars $199

Quarterly Reporting Essentials

By Tim Duhamel

Transparency requires regular financial reporting to council and the public. Learn how to develop an effective quarterly report for council review.

Read More September 6, 2023

Conflict Resolution and Organizational Culture

By Tim Duhamel

Conflict is prevalent in organizations and overcoming conflict is essential to positive organizational culture. Covers essential skills and strategies to support conflict resolution.

Read More October 11, 2023

Corporate Plan Development

By Tim Duhamel

A corporate plan is critical for strategic planning to be effective and is an essential component of the budget process. Learn how to incorporate corporate planning to improve your budget process.

Read More November 1, 2023

Cost Sharing for Inter-Municipal Projects

By Tim Duhamel

Learn how to structure an interminable cost share framework and the steps required to reach a cost share agreement for projects that could be considered regional in nature.

Read More December 6, 2023

Ethics Essentials – 2 Part Series Members $100 ($150 Discount)

Ethics Essentials in the Municipal Sector

November 29 & 30, 2021

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM MST

✓ New and Improved!
✓ Two-Part Series – $100 for members ($150 discount!)
✓ *4 Verifiable PD Credits (Meets Mandatory CPA Requirement)
✓ Webinars/workshops are recorded and available for 24/7 viewing

✓ New and Improved!
✓ Two-Part Series – $100 for members ($150 discount!)
✓ *4 Verifiable PD Credits (Meets Mandatory CPA Requirement)
✓ Webinars are recorded and available for 24/7 viewing
Ethics 6

Leadership Webinars Individual Webinars $150

Political Acumen Leadership

By Tim Duhamel

Municipal executives work closely with elected officials to achieve strategic goals.  Learn how to work effectively and harmoniously with elected officials.


Read More September 20, 2023

Top 5 Leadership Skills

By Tim Duhamel

This course will introduce and cover the top five attributes associated with effective leaders.


Read More November 15, 2023

Motivational Leadership

By Tim Duhamel

Engage, inspire, ignite.  Learn how to effectively motivate staff towards goals and commit to service excellence for your municipality.


Read More December 13, 2023

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