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BLOOM Centre for Municipal Education is an education and consulting firm dedicated to empowering and enabling municipalities to achieve excellence.



At BLOOM, we believe municipalities possess an untapped power.

Our goal is to strengthen municipalities from the inside out, through practical education, simple tools and dynamic partnerships — to become less dependent on external resources. More resilient. Better neighbours. More welcoming and inspiring and sustainable.














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Municipalities face many challenges.

A fluctuating economy, an unpredictable climate, deteriorating infrastructure, rapid growth, regional issues, social pressures, changing legislation… the list goes on.

What if municipalities could get outside help that didn’t make them dependent, but rather, empowered them and built capacity?

What if rural and small municipalities could access and benefit from the sophisticated knowledge and tools typical of only large urban centres?

BLOOM makes it possible.

BLOOM believes in municipalities.

Grow with BLOOM
BLOOM Centre for Municipal Education

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