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Improving Financial Reporting Processes

By Stephanie Porter, Tim Duhamel

This webinar provides a comprehensive review of the reporting process and a path to process improvement.

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Course Content

  1. Risk and internal controls defined
  2. Common risks and internal controls for key processes
  3. Gain new perspective on reporting and accounting processes
  4. Audit-ready documentation
  5. Looking forward: managing reporting processes
  6. Learning to let go of unnecessary internal controls in existing processes
  7. Project planning
  8. Practical methodology – templates included
  9. Managing change – develop a plan to engage stakeholders

Course Info


PD Credits: 1.5

Category: Reporting

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Duration: 1:27:29

Course Synopsis

About the Author

Stephanie Porter is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and

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About the Author

Tim Duhamel is the founder and President of Bloom Centre of

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About the Author

About the Author

Tim Duhamel is the founder and President of Bloom Centre of Municipal Education.
He is a municipal veteran whose career has spanned over 21 years.
His passion is creating educational material and conducting lectures for municipal professionals. He has lectured as far away as Kiev, Ukraine for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.


Course Description

This webinar covers common risks and internal controls for key accounting and financial reporting processes to help gain new perspective for your reporting and accounting processes.

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Learning Outcomes

  • The relationship between risk of material misstatement and internal controls and how they impact financial reporting processes

  • Common risks and best practice internal controls in key financial reporting processes

  • How to view your reporting and accounting processes through an auditor’s lens

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Who Should Attend?

The webinar focus is on the professional development needs of any municipal financial professional and senior executive.

All municipal financial officers will benefit from having a fundamental understanding and core knowledge of all financial processes.

BLOOM can customize courses for your needs.

Some topics include:

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