Available Webinars:

Audit Essentials

  • Review of audit theory and best practices
  • Project plan/audit calendar overview
  • Questions the auditor will have and how to be prepared for them
  • Review of key working papers

Course Synopsis:
Audit Essentials

Developing a Long-Term Tax Strategy

  • Developing a Tax Rate Bylaw
  • Tax Rate Bylaw math explained (assessment, mill rate, taxation revenue)
  • How to develop a long-term tax strategy
  • Public engagement, measuring and justifying tax increases, and presenting tax increases/strategies to Council and the public

Course Synopsis:
Developing a Long-Term Tax Strategy

Reporting: Management and Year End

  • Management and financial reporting best practices
  • Key concepts and techniques for a successful and complete cut off
  • A year-end project plan and calendar
  • Quality monthly and year-end reporting for Executive Administration, Council and the public

Course Synopsis:
Reporting Essentials: Management and Year End Reporting

Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework

  • Urban/rural perspective (regional outlook)
  • Finance implications
  • Inter-municipal operating agreements (fire, recreation, FCSS, economic development, etc.)
  • Shared capital costs for regional projects (cost models, analysis, negotiation)
  • Communicating the framework with administration, Council and the public

Course Synopsis:
Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Capital Budgeting 101

  • Best practices for capital planning
  • What is required in a long-term capital plan and capital budget
  • Short and long-term funding concepts explained
  • Developing a capital plan with a strategic emphasis
  • Capital budget decision-making (how to’s and best practices)

Course Synopsis:
Capital Budgeting 101

3 Year Operating Forecast/Budget
Tool Included!

  • Tool/Build Training
  • 3 Part Webinar Series

Course Synopsis:
3 Year Operating Forecast

Treasury and Risk Management 101

  • Best practices for financial controls
  • Tax Collection
  • Cash flow management
  • Banking RFP – importance and how to’s
  • Investment strategies for municipal financial assets
  • Reserves and restricted/unrestricted surplus strategy/policy

Course Synopsis:
Treasury and Risk Management 101

Leadership and Management: Skills critical for success

  • Review of best practices for both leadership and management – Municipal specific
  • Leading and managing to success
  • The key differences between leadership and management, and why both are critical
  • How leadership and management can be utilized by the finance officer to enhance organizational and career success
  • Based on the popular “Leadership Challenge”

Course Synopsis:
Leadership and Management

Developer Levies 101

  • Development levy theory and best practices
  • Advantages and risks associated with development levies
  • What key inputs are required
  • How to calculate development charges
  • How to write and administer a Development Levy Bylaw

Course Synopsis:
Developer Levies 101

Project Planning and Management

  • Key concepts related to project planning
  • Developing a project plan (resources, timelines, responsibilities, challenges)
  • Using project planning in your daily work to enhance success
  • How to use project planning to motivate a team
  • Developing a process for prioritizing projects

Course Synopsis:
Project Planning and Change Management

Introduction to PSAS Financial Statements

  • Understanding key differences between public sector and private sector financial statements and note disclosures
  • Overview of note disclosures required by the legislation
  • Understanding of key financial indicators on public sector statements
  • How to explain the financial statement concepts to council and other members of administration

Course Synopsis:
Reporting Essentials: Introduction to PSAS Financial Statements

Ethics Essentials in the Municipal Sector

Two webinars covering municipal ethics from 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm on back to back days.

Course Synopsis:
Municipal Ethics

Financial Policy Development 101

  • Review of best practices related to policy development
  • Fundamentals of writing and concise policies
  • Critical financial policies for municipalities
  • The webinar will cover the requirements for 3 main policies:
    1. Debt Management 2. Restricted Surplus/Reserves 3. Year-End Surplus
  • Templates for policy writing will be provided

Course Synopsis:
Policy Development 101

Improving Financial Reporting Processes

  • Understanding the risk of error, omission and fraud in key accounting and financial reporting processes
  • Introduction of risk based approach to improving reporting processes
  • Tools and templates to improve audit documentation and increase audit efficiency
  • Practical tools and templates to help assess and mitigate the risk of error and fraud in your municipality’s financial reporting

Course Synopsis:
Improving Financial Reporting Processes

Reporting Essentials: Chart of Accounts / Municipal Structure

  • Best practices for chart of accounts
  • Chart of accounts as an improvement project (effective and efficient)
  • Using a chart of accounts effectively in your ERP or financial systems
  • Municipal structure best practices for accountability
  • Effective report structure for administration, council and the public

Course Synopsis:
Reporting Essentials: Chart of Accounts

Municipal Basics

  • A general overview of municipalities and how they work “top to bottom”
  • Legislation overview, governance model, CAO position description
  • Assessment, taxes, service delivery, election cycle, sustainability
  • Municipal challenges – land use planning, economics, service delivery, public perception, politics, intermunicipal challenges, financial challenges

Course Synopsis:
Municipal Basics

Priority Based Budgeting

  • Priority based budgeting in theory and in practice
  • The PBB framework explained and how to utilize it to budget for success
  • Linking council priorities to service delivery for decision making (staff, new initiatives, capital)
  • Developing a prioritized service inventory for your municipality

Course Synopsis:
Priority Based Budgeting

Development Offsite Levies Accounting – In Depth

  • New MGA: development charges legislation
  • Accounting for development charges – concept, requirements, journal entries
  • Balance sheet treatment, deferred revenue
  • No cost capital procedures, TCA treatment
  • Developer obligations, municipal obligations

Course Synopsis:
Development Offsite Levies Accounting – In Depth

Municipal Strategic Planning

  • Municipal strategic plan best practices
  • Fundamentals of municipal strategic planning (value, process, use, measurement)
  • Use of a corporate plan to link the strategic plan to administrative actions
  • Linkage of the strategic plan to business plans, budget and reporting
  • Strategic plan communication strategies – public, administration
  • Strategic plan and leadership (motivation to achieve goals)

Course Synopsis:
Municipal Strategic Planning

Municipal Financial Department Basics

  • Key deliverables explained – reporting, budgeting, treasury, risk management, payables and receivables
  • Optimal department structure examined
  • Finance activity cycle – budget and reporting
  • External department, Executive Team, council and public relationship and communication
  • Financial department business planning – mission, goals, motivation

Course Synopsis:
Municipal Financial Department Basics

Developing a Long-Term Financial Plan

  • Benefits of developing a long-term financial plan
  • Key components of a long-term financial plan reviewed
  • Long-term financial plan methodology
  • Linking the strategic plan and the long-term financial plan to meet long term goals
  • Long-term financial planning for financial sustainability

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